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Listening, Teaching and Speaking Out

The liver performs over 500 functions and is vulnerable to more than 100 different diseases.  That means there can often be more questions than there are answers for newly diagnosed patients, their families, health care professionals and even those just looking to learn more about how to protect their liver health.  CLF staff and volunteers provide much-needed guidance and support through education and prevention programs such as toll-free help lines, patient support networks, health fairs, presentations, lunch and learn sessions, Living with Liver Disease programs and other outreach programs.

Learning, Discovering and Sharing

Research is about finding and sharing knowledge.  Often the greatest discoveries come only after years of painstaking investigation by many different researchers.  And it is the interpretation and communication of this knowledge outside the lab that gives a discover its true impact.

The CLF not only supports liver research by providing funding but also by assisting with the sharing of knowledge.  The CLF's educational materials, website, Living with Liver Disease sessions, Continuing Medical Education (CME) sessions for health care professionals and other programs are outlets for communicating the latest research findings to the medical community and the public.  Our research grant recipients, doctors and nurses in hepatolgy and participants in CLF-funded initiatives like the National Canadian Research Training Program in Hepatitis C often volunteer their time and expertise to help deliver this information to different audiences.

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