School Presentations

Grade 5 is an excellent time for learning as they are becoming more aware of their diet and physical activity including after school sports.  This is the year when they get their Hepatitis B vaccinations.  It is extremely important that all students have the chance to learn about the liver -  where it is, what it does, what can go wrong and what to watch out for.

Grade 8 - Grade 8 presentations are focused on healthy lifestyle choices.

Grade 11 presentations are focused on healthy living and offer advice regarding the risks associated with tattoos and piercings,  as well as healthy lifestyle choices. 

We have staff and volunteers ready and willing to visit local schools with a presentation and great handouts. Each presentation will take approximately 30 minutes and is free for the schools.  To book a school presentation, please call our office at (403) 276-3390 or email Debralee at

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