Patient Support

Patient support and Hepatitis C Sessions

These sessions are designed for patients and support persons. However, we do welcome the public to most general presentations. Usually sessions will focus on a particular liver disease issue. All attempts will be made to provide a professional speaker and/or a person who has had significant experience with a particular issue. These are information and sharing sessions with support being a side benefit of participation.

Hepatitis C patients and/or their support persons are encouraged to attend the general sessions. 

It is our hope to have regular monthly sessions available for people to talk, learn and get support . To be effective, we will need to find people who are interested in regular meetings. If you would like to attend a session once a month to get support, to talk to others or to learn about a particular topic please contact Bianca Pengelly @ 204-345-2434. We are also exploring the possibility of having sessions by conference call. If you haven't done this before, it might be something for you to consider. Attending would be as easy as making a phone call at a specific time, listening in, asking questions and having a dialogue. This also allows a person who struggles to get out, or who wants to remain anonymous, a way to be involved. Contact Bianca Pengelly @ 204-345-2434 if this is a way of connecting that you'd be interested in. 

Please call the office for current sessions. 

Pre-registering helps us to know who is coming. However, we welcome all participants who attend even without prior registration.

These sessions are partially funded with a grant from: