With the increased activities of the Chapter we are actively recruiting volunteers to help out with a specific project or to volunteer their skills with such areas as administration, fundraising, media relations to name a few. For a detailed list of volunteer requirements of the Chapter please review the list below or to discuss ways in which you may wish to contribute, please call the Chapter office.


The Canadian Liver Foundation hopes to increase its volunteer base in Newfoundland. As a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and research to all affected by liver disease there is always a need for more volunteers and volunteers do help in so many ways.

Volunteers are needed for many different positions. Some of these positions include:


1. Admin/Clerical Support

  • Keep up to date records of volunteers for fundraising events
  • Maintain accurate records for Chapter Corporate Solicitation Campaign
  • Investigation of donor/volunteer change of address

2. Corporate Fundraising

  • Provide assistance in searching for relevant corporations and foundations that could be approached for project funding, grants, and joint-venture opportunities

3. Projects and Events

  • Provide assistance for special fundraising events.

4. Education and Patient Support

  • Education Packages
    - Maintain inventory
    - Coordinate any requested information
  • Health Fairs/Information Displays
    - Facilitate and host various community opportunities
  • Educational Awareness Programs
    - Facilitate awareness of the Canadian Liver Foundation and our programs and services to various community groups, hospitals and resources
    - Distribute information to key contacts  
  • Patient Support Groups
    - Determine need for and facilitate patient support group meetings and host same

5. Communications

  • Chapter Newsletter
    - News gathering
    - Writing articles
    - Layout and design
    - Distribution
  • Volunteer Profiles
    - Interview CLF volunteers and or/other liver disease patients for National office publications
    - Writing personal profiles
  • Public Relations/Media Relations
    - Creating media lists
    - Creating background materials (fact sheets) for media kits
    - Distribution of press releases and follow-up with editors/reporters
  • Web-site Management
    - Writing content
    - Proofreading/editing existing content
    - Maintain schedule of regular updates of Chapter information.

For more information on becoming a CLF volunteer, please call 1-800-563-5483, email or submit our volunteer application form