Tips for a Healthy Liver

The liver is a wonderfully resilient and complex organ that nurtures and protects your body day in and day out. It helps neutralize and dispose of toxins, feeds your body the energy it needs to function, fights off viruses and infections, regulates sex hormones, cholesterol levels and vitamin and mineral supplies in your body. And that’s only some of its 500+ functions!

To safeguard your liver health, it’s important that you understand the critical roles that the liver plays in maintaining your overall health and how activities that you may take for granted can help or hurt this vital organ. By learning more about your liver and how you can keep it healthy, you may actually help reduce your risk of developing not only liver disease but also other health conditions including diabetes and heart disease.

The Canadian Liver Foundation believes in a  positive and supportive approach to helping Canadians protect and manage their liver health whether they’re living with a liver disease, caring for the health of others or are looking for ways to live well. 

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