Pampering Your Body

Body art, piercings, painted nails and toes are all forms of self-expression. They may serve as a memento to mark a special occasion, a way of symbolizing what we value or just a spontaneous self-indulgent splurge. Whatever the motivation behind them however, these body beautification rituals all carry a degree a risk if not done properly. Inadequately sterilized tools, reused needles or contaminated inks could expose you to hepatitis B or C – two blood-borne viruses that can cause serious –and potentially fatal – liver disease.

Regulations governing tattoo parlours and esthetics studios and spas can vary depending on where you live. Because manicure and pedicure tools, piercing and tattoo equipment and ink can all come into contact with blood, and since there’s no way to know whether the person ahead of you was infected with hepatitis B or C, it is crucial to ensure your service provider takes the proper infection control precautions between clients.

To help ensure that beautifying your body doesn’t put your health at risk, download our Body Beautification Checklist.