Do you have a personal goal?

Maybe you've reached a milestone age, and you want to do something special to mark the occasion. We've developed a new tool to help you stay motivated, achieve your goal and raise funds to support lifesaving liver research as well as patient support, education and advocacy programs. 

Here are a few examples of some personal goals:

  • Run a marathon
  • Lose weight
  • Climb a mountain
It's simple, here's what you do:

  1. Choose/set your goal
  2. Set up a fundraising page using our new tool. You can post photos and videos (via YouTube link) about you and your goal
  3. Email your friends and family members using  our tool (it includes a link to your fundraising page). Tell them about your goal and how they can help you achieve it.
  4. Read messages and get motivated to continue in your efforts to achieving your goal
  5. Reach your goal and support liver research at the same time
Your friends and family will:
  1. Support you by posting personal messages on your page's board and donating to the CLF (through the CLF's secure site).
  2. Receive an electronic tax receipt automatically emailed out after they donate

Click here to start using our tool today!

Click here to see our sample fundraising page.

If you have any  questions or require additional information please email or call 1-800-563-5483.