Host an event for the CLF

One of the many ways you can support the Canadian Liver Foundation is by planning and organizing an event. These are also sometimes referred to as a "third party events."

Here are some examples of types of events you can organize:
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Garage Sales, Bake Sales, Car Washes
  • Bowl-a-Thon, Yoga-Thon, Knit-aThon
  • Dress Down Day at Work
  • Birthday, Anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations
  • Outdoor BBQ
  • Silent Auction

Some questions you may need to consider when planning your event:

  1. How will I promote my event? (flyers, e-vite, friends and family networks)
  2. What is the budget/expenses for my event?
  3. How many volunteers will I need and how will I recruit them?
  4. Will I need any licenses or permits for my event?
  5. Can I ask the Canadian Liver Foundation to issue tax receipts to guest/participants of my event?

We can support your efforts in many ways, for example: helping with permit and license applications, allowing use of CLF logo on your materials/providing a letter of endorsement for your event, budget planning, creating a website to accept online donations and pledges for your event, issuing tax receipts to your guests/participants and providing CLF information and brochures for your event.

  Please contact a CLF chapter in your community or call 1-800-563-5483 if you would like to organize an event to benefit the Canadian Liver Foundation and/or if you have any questions.

Thank you.