Liver Disease Awareness

Often what people ‘think’ they know about liver disease can be as difficult to combat as what people don’t know. There are a lot of preconceived notions and misconceptions about liver disease that can make it difficult for patients to talk to their families, friends, colleagues and others. Many people, for instance, believe that only those who drink or take drugs are at risk of contracting liver disease. The truth is, alcohol is only one cause of the over 100 forms of liver disease.

The Foundation’s awareness efforts try to dispel the myths that stand in the way of the public’s understanding of the risks and impact of liver disease on all Canadians. The following are some examples of our awareness campaigns:

Lean Liver
At the beginning of a new year, conversations inevitably centre on losing weight, getting more exercise and other ways people can adopt healthier lifestyle habits. In 2015, CLF launched its first ‘Lean Liver’ campaign to bring attention to the important link between nutrition and liver health. In 2015, we reached 130,000 people health tips, personal stories and advice and in 2016, we increased our reach to 165,000. To learn more about the campaign, follow this link: Lean Liver 2016

Could You Have It? Hepatitis C Testing Campaign
Thousands of Canadians are living with hepatitis C and do not know it. Estimates range from 44 per cent to as high as 70 per cent that are still undiagnosed. In 2015, we launched a campaign to encourage adults born between 1945 and 1975 to be tested. The goal was to drive people to our website to fill out an online Viral Hepatitis Risk Assessment. We successfully reach 1.4 million people online and had 2,500 people complete risk assessments. In 2016, we substantially increased our impact by achieving 25 million media impressions, reaching 2 million online and having 6.500 fill out risk assessments. To learn more about our 2017, hepatitis C testing campaign, follow this link: Hepatitis C - This Is Your Warning!

Liver Health Month
March is Liver Health Month and each year we share facts, personal stories and images reinforcing the impact of liver disease and encouraging audiences to learn more. To see our Liver Health Month campaign for 2017, follow this link:  Liver Health Month 2017